What Is Live Casino?

Live Casino is a real-time online gambling option that allows players to experience the feel of a Las Vegas casino from the comfort of their own home. It takes all the best parts of traditional table games and combines them with modern technology to create a unique online gaming experience that is as close as possible to playing in a bricks and mortar casino.

The way a Live Casino works is actually quite simple. Unlike video slots, where the software is responsible for every aspect of the game, Live Casino involves a live dealer in the studio that is streamed to the player. The dealers themselves have to undergo intensive training to ensure they are fully aware of the rules and regulations of different types of games, so that they can provide a fair and safe gaming environment for their players.

They also have to undergo extensive medical checks before they can be hired for the job. Moreover, there are strict rules and guidelines regarding the behaviour of the dealers in order to protect them against any mental or psychological abuse that could occur from the gamblers. The entire operation is overseen by a team of engineers that are dedicated to making sure everything runs smoothly, so the dealer is able to focus on the game and deliver a flawless service.

A typical live casino will consist of at least three rooms. These include a studio, an analyst room and a software room, although the configuration can vary from one operator to another. The studio is where the actual game is played, while the analyst room contains a team of professionals that supervise the operation and ensure the dealer follows all the established rules. The software room is responsible for converting the physical transactions into data that can be read by the system. This information is then transmitted instantly to the players.

All of this is made possible by Optical Character Recognition, a type of software that translates the dealer’s movements into readable data. The information is then processed by the software that determines the results of each game. The most important part of a live casino, however, is the game control unit that is located in each table. It is about the size of a shoe box and without it the whole concept would not be viable.

Players can find a wide range of table games on the site, including the classics like blackjack, roulette and baccarat. However, there is also a variety of more exotic options like Side Bet City, Lightning Dice and the Money Wheel that are available for players who want to try something a little different. In addition to these more traditional offerings, players can enjoy Monopoly Live, a game that gives players the chance to try their hand at winning a huge jackpot.